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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tomato Posters - Tomatoes Poster

Tomato Posters - Tomatoes Poster

Full Color 24 X 36 inch Tomato Poster with 25 varieties of Tomatoes

$16.00 ea. - Shipping & Handling $6.95 for any number of posters ordered.

Whopper, Evergreen, Golden Jubilee, Ultra Boy, Yellow Stuffer, Big Rainbow, Carmello, White Wonder, Red Plum, Ultra Pink, Green Zebra, Early Cascade, Red Peach, Snowball, Red Gold Stripe, Yellow Pear, Sun Gold, Red Currant, Green Grape, Mini Orange, White Cherry, Super Sweet, Brown Cherry, Yellow Currant
Picked by Alice Waters, Chez Penisse Restaurant, Berkeley, California
Poster includes list of tomato seed sources

Please Note: In order to provide you a fair representation of the poster - this image may take a while to load. However, the original posters are of a much higher quality than you will see here.

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