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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Presentation of AMITOM

AMITOM is an association grouping professional organisations of tomato processors in the Mediterranean region.AMITOM is based in Avignon (France). Its current President is Duncan Blake (Turkey) and Vice-President is Marco Serafini (Italy). Mrs. Sophie COLVINE is General Secretary..For more than 25 years, this international association has been collecting and storing technical and economic data and information on the processing tomato field, from research to final sale.

To that effect, AMITOM intervenes in various ways, and regular meetings bring together the delegations of the member states that constitute the executive committee. AMITOM now includes eleven member states, and three associates members:

Ø 5 EU countries:

Spain: Spain is represented by AGRUCON, the Spanish Association of Vegetables Processors based in Madrid.
France: France is represented by SONITO (National Interprofessional Tomato Society), who gathers the forces of the French tomato processing industry together (growers, co-operatives, private processors).
Greece: The Greek industry is represented within the AMITOM by PEK, the Greek Canners Association. Established in 1945, it is a founding member of AMITOM. Its 15 members companies account for more than 80 % of the total Greek production.
Italy: Italian private companies are today represented in AMITOM by two associations: AIIPA, based in Milan, for northern regions, and ANICAV based in Naples for southern, while co-operative processors are represented by FEDERAGROALIMENTARE, headquartered in Rome.
Portugal: the Portuguese tomato industry is represented by AIT.


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